The EmPOWERment Couple

Self Healing Medicine

August 18, 2022 Zuri Star & Mikey Star Season 3 Episode 22
The EmPOWERment Couple
Self Healing Medicine
Show Notes

We are all born with a powerful ability. We are not talking about a psychic ability, or the ability to fly like a superhero.  Yes, those abilities would be nice, however this powerful ability tops them all. We are all born with the ability to self heal. The EmPOWERment Couple is here to testify that there is nothing more empowering than using your power to heal your mind, body and spirit. Talk about a powerful ability!

In today’s self healing episode we answer the questions:

  • What is Self-Healing?
  • Can Your Body Self-Heal?
  • How to Heal Yourself?
  • What is holistic healing?
  • Talk about tools and techniques for self-healing

Break out the box of bandages, grab the healing ointments and prepare for self surgery. The EmPOWERment Couple suggests that you grab a friend to witness how quickly you can seal those emotional and physical wounds. You are a self healing super being and the time for suffering has come to an end. 

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