The Empowerment Couple

Energy Vampires Suck

September 01, 2022 Zuri Star & Mikey Star Season 3 Episode 24
The Empowerment Couple
Energy Vampires Suck
Show Notes

There is nothing in life that sucks more than an energy vampire. We are talking about those parasitic people whose sole purpose in life is to steal your time, your energy and your soul. It may sound like we are reading the tag-line for a scary movie, but The EmPOWERment Couple is speaking from experience when we say, protect your energy at all times. Whether it’s a parasitic friend, a sycophant boss, or a soul sucking addiction, they are out there, and they want every bit of your light… until it goes out. Never fear. We brought you some potent pest repellant.

In today’s anti-parasitic episode we cover:

  • What are energy vampires
  • Who is susceptible to being sucked dry
  • How to spot an energy vampire
  • Discuss the 7 types of energy vampires
  • How to avoid an energy vampire attack

The purpose of life is to cultivate your inner light. There are those of us who find it easier to steal someone’s light, than it is to brighten their own. These are the parasites who have found a way to feed off of your light. But today is different. Today is the day that The EmPOWERment Couple empowers you with the tools you need to cut the cord and break free from their influence. It’s time to burn brighter so that Instead of them being attracted to your light, your light will blind them.

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