The Empowerment Couple

Bonus Episode: Cutting Off Energy Vampires Meditation

September 01, 2022 Zuri Star & Mikey Star Season 3
The Empowerment Couple
Bonus Episode: Cutting Off Energy Vampires Meditation
Show Notes

Mike created this cord-cutting meditation that is a bonus this week, It is designed to assist your subconscious mind, your body, and your conscious mind to break free from negative people, bad habits, and toxic situations that have been stealing your energy. These energy thieves are draining your fuel tanks, keeping you from reaching your true potential. 

Out of the 7 power centers in your body, known as chakras, the chakra that feels the loss of personal power is the third chakra, known as your solar plexus. Your solar plexus chakra is located in your sternum just behind the spot where your ribs fan out above your belly. Your chakras function like systems in a state-of-the-art rocket, each having its unique function such as navigation, propulsion, and life support. When one system, or chakra, is out of balance,  the entire rocket, which in this analogy is your body, becomes out of balance and quickly loses power.

Before you begin the meditation, identify one of your energy thieves. This meditation is short so if there are several things or people who need to be removed from your body rocket, it is best to let them go one by one.  Find yourself in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for 20 minutes. It is best to sit upright in a supported chair or lotus pose, however, if needed, assume a restorative posture that allows you to stay alert and mentally active.

The purpose of life is to cultivate your inner light. There are those of us who find it easier to steal someone’s light, than it is to brighten their own. These are the parasites who have found a way to feed off of your light. But today is different. Today is the day that The EmPOWERment Couple empowers you with the tools you need to cut the cord and break free from their influence. It’s time to burn brighter so that Instead of them being attracted to your light, your light will blind them.

Listen to the episode that accompanies this bonus called Energy Vampires Suck!

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