The EmPOWERment Couple

Presence Over Perfection Part 2

November 03, 2022 Zuri Star & Mikey Star Season 3 Episode 32
The EmPOWERment Couple
Presence Over Perfection Part 2
Show Notes

We are not placed on this planet to be perfect. If so, there would be no music, no art, and nothing to write about. Life is lived in the present and as far as perfection is concerned, the present tends not to be perfect. The EmPOWERment Couple, is following up from last week's episode on the ills of perfectionism to show you the other side of the coin. Showing up messy, half-cocked, and without a complete plan is sometimes the best plan. 

In this episode we will:

  • Discuss 7 ways to overcome toxic perfectionism
  • Reveal how to practice being  present
  • Provide 5 ways to practice presence in a leadership role

Sometimes you may feel like a hot mess, and sometimes you may feel like a hotter mess. Regardless, the world is still awaiting for you to share your gifts. The EmPOWERment Couple believes that in order to live your most beautiful life, you must be present…perfection is optional. If you need to be perfect, be a perfect mess.

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