The EmPOWERment Couple

Positive On Purpose

January 05, 2023 Zuri Star & Mikey Star Season 4 Episode 1
The EmPOWERment Couple
Positive On Purpose
Show Notes


We are what we do the most. Some of us are stressed, worried and fearful because that is the dominant state of mind we are in during the day. However, there is a growing number of people who wake up with the sole purpose of being positive. The EmPOWERment Couple is of the latter group and we are inviting you to turn your frown upside down. We choose positivity over negativity on purpose so that our purpose in life is more easily attained, followed and expressed.

In this positively purposeful episode we will:

  • Discuss how living your purpose creates positivity
  • Show how your state of mind can keep you on or off purpose
  • How to find your purpose and know when you are living it
  • Remind you that you are the conductor of your life be it positive or negative

What you do on purpose is what you are. With that said, The EmPOWERment Couple is here to purposely serve you some positivity, love and laughter. The challenge is that we have two choices…and sometimes we choose to be negative on purpose and therefore our purpose becomes negative. It’s time to employ this simple and humble mantra, “My purpose is to be positive and I am positive on purpose.”

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