The EmPOWERment Couple

Proximity Is Power!

January 12, 2023 Zuri Star & Mikey Star Season 4 Episode 2
The EmPOWERment Couple
Proximity Is Power!
Show Notes

In a universe full of darkness, proximity is paramount. The very life we live is due to being in perfect proximity to a healthy sun. This relationship is akin to being in proximity to a positive person. The EmPOWERment Couple’s reminder here is that we are the company we keep. Be it in business, love, health, performance…if you want the best, be with the best. 

In this episode we stay close to:

  • Discuss the power of proximity in the process of attaining anything
  • How to discover whether or not you are in proximity
  • How to develop proximity around what you want

Are you swirling around a healthy sun, or are you losing your precious time, light and energy to a black-hole? If it is time to make a navigational adjustment, let today be the day. The EmPOWERment Couple is pointed toward the stars, so strap in and let those black-holes disappear in your rear view. 

Next stop…beyond your imagination.

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