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The EmPOWERment Couple

Zuri Star & Mikey Star

Are you looking to get educated, entertained, and empowered? Then join The EmPOWERment Couple every Thursday and listen in on Zuri and Mikey Star’s conversations as they deliberately empower you to make impactful and informed decisions to gain absolute clarity for life mastery. Every Thursday Zuri and Mikey show up and serve love with the intent of helping you regain your personal power and live your most fulfilled life. Take a peek behind the scenes into this power couple's busy life and get educated about all things empowering. Each episode contains the following-- Education: Including personal stories, wellness hacks, and health benefits with science-backed studies. Entertainment: Game pertaining to the show along with plenty of banter and funny innuendos meant to make you enjoy the process of being in expansive learning conversations. Empowerment: You will be held to live your life with purpose, loved through doing the hard work, and empowered to embrace the beautiful YOU! If you’re new to this tribe, let us introduce you to your hosts! Zuri Star, is a health and wellness lifestyle coach, singer-songwriter, mother, and author. Her co-host and partner is Mikey Star, an expansion coach who focuses on meditation, yoga, movement, and creativity as healing modalities. These two curious souls cover topics such as healthy lifestyle habits, fulfillment, fitness, self-improvement, conscious parenting, positive mindsets, spirituality, healthy relationships, alternative healing, conscious eating, and emotional health. This power couple's determined purpose is to serve you with information that will empower you in co-creating your most beautiful life.