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The EmPOWERment Couple

Zuri Star & Mikey Star

Are you looking to expand, upgrade, and set your soul on fire? Are you ready to create your most beautiful life? Then join The EmPOWERment Couple, and listen in on Zuri and Mikey Star’s conversations as they deliberately empower you to make impactful and informed decisions to gain absolute clarity for life mastery. If you’re new to this tribe, I Am Zuri, is an Omni-media lifestyle company founded by Zuri Star, an organic lifestyle coach, singer-songwriter, author, social media savant, and mother. Her partner and co-creator is Mikey Star, an expansion coach, meditation expert, poet, photographer, author, father and yogi. Take a peek behind the scenes into their crazy lives, featuring candid conversations and guest experts, who don’t just talk about living a beautiful life, but embody it. Episodes will feature quick facts, discussions, hacks, and solutions to co-creating a life of purpose. This podcast is an extension of I Am Zuri, where they cover topics such as health, fitness, self-improvement, relationship goals, alternative healing, entrepreneurial strategies, kitchen medicine, conscious eating, wealth mastery, adventure enthusiasm, new media marketing, total body wellness, mental health, and emotional awareness. “I Am,” are two of the most powerful words, for what you place after that statement will have a powerful effect on how you feel, what you can accomplish, and who you can become. The word Zuri, means "beautiful," in the South African language, of Swahili. I Am Zuri is a celebration of a beautiful life and an invitation to everyone to be the beautiful you. The company strives to follow the South African concept of Ubuntu which means, I Am Because We Are. If you're feeling hungry, curious, adventurous and have a longing to be entertained and empowered, then this is the podcast for you! This power couple's determined purpose is to serve you with information that will empower you in co-creating your most beautiful life.

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